Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My 5 weeks trip

In four days I will be taking a flight to South America and I will be spending 5 weeks exploring. I will take my painting gear and try to make the most of this trip.
The painting gear consist of 2 pochade boxes, one 6x8, the other 10x12, a two pound tripod for the bigger pochade box, water based oils, a sketchbook and a mini size watercolour set. I cannot forget my digital camera!
For surfaces I will be taking museum board (4ply) that has been gessoed in both sides. This are sized, 6x8, 8x10, 12x6, 9x12. This surface could also work for pastels but I am still debating taking a small set of pastels with me. Most probably will depend on how much I can fit in my carry on. The paints and palette knives will go on my luggage, the pochade boxes and boards will go on my carry on. I take my pan watercolor set and my brushes in my purse in a brush pack. If I loose my luggage I can still get oil paints where I am going.

Here is the 6x8 pochade box.

Last year some cool paintings came out of this little box, when I visited Switzerland and Italy.

Lake Lucerne

Cinque Terra Pine
I will be updating this blog frequently through my travel and posting pictures and paintings as I go.