Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We stopped in Montanita a fishermen town, that is frequently visited by europeans and americans due to its pristine beaches, hippie individuals and night parties. Not my kind of town, but the see food is delicious so we decided to stop for brunch and had ceviche.

We headed to Sanlango were we stopped at the town and visit a archeological museum. The picture of my sons shows the Salango Island, it is protected as natural habitat. Puerto Lopez, is only 20 minutes away from Ayampe We had booked a trip to see the humpback whales the next day from Pto Lopez so we wanted to make sure we had the correct directions.

To reach to Puerto Lopez we climb the second arm of the mountain chain and here is a pictures from the very top.

We returned to Ayampe and I was able to make a couple of studies of the big rock formations, they are call the La roca del ahorcado, the hangmen rock. In ancient times they used to hang pirates in that island.

The place we stayed in Ayampe is called las tortugas here is the link if you ever visit the place.

Some pictures of the place, very rustic,with all the amenities and surrounded by breathtaking beauty. The owner and administrator treated us like kings and the seefood was excellent.

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